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What To Do When Traffic Slows Down

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Welcome to my 30 Day Challenge Traffic Strategies Day 5-6. Today I’ve going to find out What to do when traffic slows down. I’m retaking the Pinterest Course that brought my niche blog massive traffic in as little as 3 months. I want to do the same thing with this blog as I get started building up traffic from Pinterest.

30 Day Challenge Traffic Day 5-6 Why Did My Traffic Slow Down_-min

Today’s lessons I’m going over didn’t take as long as I thought it would so I’ve combined two days in one. I’m talking about The Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course. Lauren goes over one very popular question I’ve seen countless people ask about in the Facebook groups I’m in. Let’s take a look.

What To Do When Pinterest Traffic Starts To Decline

I’m going to find out in this lesson what to do when traffic slows down. That’s a big question we would all like to know, what the big time bloggers do and if it even happens to them. Like I’ve said over and over. This course really Rocks! They keep it current with all the things that change on Pinterest. I have to say they change things more than eBay does and that’s saying something! eBay changes things A LOT!

Pinterest Constant Changes

This is the next section of the course. I’m loving that Lauren is keeping us informed today with the new changes going on with Pinterest, I had no idea about one of them! And I quickly had to head over to my Pinterest account to see it. I would have had no idea and probably wouldn’t have found out about it for months if I hadn’t heard it first from the course.

In the past year that I’ve been using Pinterest everyday. I’ve seen it go through so many changes, it’s crazy. I also took THREE courses last year to get myself educated on what I was supposed to be doing in Pinterest Marketing. One course cost me almost $500, that girl was really over charging for her course and so you won’t be hear about anything from her on my blog and her stuff was just what I was learning from everyone else, nothing special.

Courses I’ve Taken To Learn Pinterest Marketing

The second course I took wasn’t as expensive and it was just a report to read. It was Ok but mostly she was promoting several expensive programs that I ended up buying but were really a waste of my time and not needed for Pinterest. So I don’t follow her so much anymore.

The third and last course I took, which I wish it was my first one. It would have saved me so much money! It was the The Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course. I’m so thrilled with the Alex and Lauren’s course, that’s why I’m sharing it with you this month. I think it’s that important course to take and it will  give you a Jump Start on everyone else. Remember I was one that has been blogging and blogging for years. Never really gaining ground, until I took the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course.

It really turned my blogging career around and made me realize that If I would just stop spinning my wheels and really put some real effort into just one project then I would make this blogging thing a full time job for me. One that I will love for the rest of my life.

Are You Spinning Your Wheels?

If your like me and you’ve been trying and trying to get your blog going and making some money. But no matter how hard you try, you’re getting very little return for your efforts, then you lose confidence and you think that maybe you’re doing the wrong things, maybe your in the wrong niche? Then you get depressed, quit writing new articles for your blog and someone mentions a new course to take that will give you your dream in 30 days.

So you jump on that bandwagon. Buying a new domain and starting yet another blog from scratch, you follow everything they are teaching, until you start to lose interest again and find yourself a year later. Thinking the same thoughts, “Maybe I’m in the wrong niche?”, or “Maybe I’m doing it all wrong?”. Then your depressed again and buy a new course.

See the wheel spinning, over and over.

I did it too!

The thing is, the information is the SAME! Your getting basically the same information over and over from different people. Or they are doing something slightly different than you. But after awhile, you find out your really not having fun with that way of making money, it’s just not for you. But you’re really not figuring it out until a year later.

Everyone does things differently. 

Me and my husband raised crickets for over 25 years. We both can raise the crickets just fine. But we both have very different ways we do each task and when we had to explain that to some help we had, they always got conflicting information. You would think it would be simple…feed the crickets and clean the bins out.

That’s it, but no. lol!

It’s the same thing with blogging I finally figured out. And this time, I’m at the point where I need to make it happen. I want this really bad. So I’m going to go over the courses that really help me with each part of blogging, to get me to the next step. I won’t jump around and I will add my own flair to everything I learn.

You should do that too!

I Feel Like A Failure

It’s funny but I always felt like I was at the tail end of all the good things that happen on the web, that’s part of my failure or so I thought. But really things change so much online and it changes fast. When I first started blogging, everyone was on this site called Squidoo, it was a free site, kinda like Pinterest. But you added recipes and how to articles and you made money from the ads and from promoting things from Amazon.

I was at the tail end of that one, just after I took a couple courses and started building my own business up there. Google gave them a slap and everyone’s money tanked. Then over the course of a year, they closed. Everyone lost all their work because it wasn’t on a platform they owned. Articles gone, links gone, Money Gone! The company even stopped paying money owed to everyone. Some people were making thousands of dollars a month or more. I think I had gotten up to $100 a month. But then it was gone. So I went back to eBay more and forgot about blogging.

Those same successful people I follow still today. About four women. One is a successful writer who writes PLR for people and makes six figures a year. She has evolved, changed with the tides. The other woman, has a blog that teaches blogging and a very successful Amazon affiliate site. And one other has a huge dog blog, but didn’t monetize it and now she makes very little money with it, she’s like me, spinning her wheels.

The last women, makes six figures or more a year too. She has several Amazon affiliate sites and she couches people to make those blogs. I’ve taken all of her courses, but I soon putter out on them because the income from Amazon takes so long to make any money from and when you do at first it’s just pennies. That’s where I’ve been stuck for a few years, in the Amazon Affiliate wheel.

What do these successful Women Have In Common?

They all have a List! The all have a subscriber list that they started from the beginning, growing it strong by teaching that list as they went through all the changes they have had to make being successful online over the years. They have become friends with their followers and taught them what they were doing, what was working for them. That’s another mistake I assumed, they all did the same thing online each year. WRONG! 

These women do the same thing but they change it up over the years, adding new things to their income so it’s just not one thing that brings in money but several. That way if one goes away they still have other income coming in to them each month to pay the bills. And they have a list of subscribers who might buy from all of their income streams. Let me repeat that!

 So no matter which path they follow online, as long as it goes with what they are already doing, they will always have an income from their list. 

Guess what I’ve never done?

Kept my list of followers! The money is in your list, build it, give you heart and soul to your followers and you will always be able to make money with them. And you will help them to grow a business that they can be proud of,  creating a friendship that will last forever. So if you don’t have a list yet or if your just getting started read this.

30 Day Challenge Traffic Day 5-6 Why Did My Traffic Slow Down1_-min

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ is the next section. So of course this is new to me section. It was REALLY awesome! I learned a lot by just reading through the questions. Once you start pinning you have these same questions and she answers them with honesty, which is great.

I really love her tip on what to do if traffic starts to decline. It happens at different times, you’re going along just fine. Traffic is growing and growing, then all the sudden your traffic from pinterest will start to decline. Lauren answered that question, giving her tips from what she learned from her own two blogs and told us what to do about. Which is AWESOME!

And the one question everyone always asks about is group boards vs tribes when using Tailwinds software.  You’ll learn more about those after you start pinning more.

Taking Action

A little note I wanted to add is that you should be taking notes as you go through the course. I did this the first time and this time too. That way you can just look at your notes so you don’t always have to log into the course to find your answer. I’ve really been using google docs a lot lately. That way no matter what device your on you can quickly find your notes. Also it autosaves so you never have to worry about losing documents.  I make a folder in my browser on projects that I’m working on and then save that document to that folder. I also have documents started to keep them at the top or you can search by stars in google docs.

In day 5-6 of my 30 day challenge traffic strategies that works, I found out what to do when traffic slows down. I’m talking about The Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course I’m retaking. If your interested in following me as I take this course again, just click on the link.

Lots of love-min

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