What is Wordpress

What is WordPress and Why The Heck Do I Need It?

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So What is WordPress? It’s a place where your blog goes, it’s like the foundation to just about everything on the web, a bunch of hidden code that makes your website look cool. I had no idea that eBay was started on just a plain wordpress blog. Also it’s FREE, so no worries about buying it. It will be the first thing that you install after you purchase your hosting. Here is Step by Step directions on getting your blog set up.

What is WordPress and Why The Heck Do I Need It

Learning is all part of this process of starting a blog, you will learn what you need to get started. WordPress is one of those things you will have to learn to maneuver and work with each day… if you want to have a profitable blog that is.

Setting Up a Website

When you first set up a website there are a few steps to take getting it setup correctly. Here are the first steps.

Those are the first steps that everyone takes to get a blog started. The next step after you pick your niche, and a blog name, then sign up for hosting. You’ll then need to install wordpress to your site.

What is WordPress

Get your hosting with Mom Webs and get a  Low Monthly Rate for only $5.00 a month. I was paying $14 per month with hostgator. They have the best customer service I’ve ever had! It’s a small company with big service. Scott will help you with anything you need.

“There will NEVER be the right time to start your blog!”

So don’t wait, believe me I waited 2 years to start this one, when I should have started it with my homestead blog and tracked my progress. I would have had that all down on my blog to look over each year. The best part of this hosting is that you can have as many blogs as you want, all on the same hosting package. (You’ll need to get the $10 plan for that one.) It won’t cost anymore. I’ve done this for years. The only time you would need more room is when your blog gets bigger and you getting more and more traffic, then it’s easy to bump up your package to suit your needs.


Why Do I need WordPress?

WordPress is the main part of your blog, without it your blog would look VERY outdated, unless your really good with html code. Which I am not! I cringe at the thought of adding code to my main website. Often times when I’m forced to, then someone much more techy than me, has to come in and fix my broken website.

What I love most about having wordpress as the backbone of my websites, is that the layout is all the same for each of my niche websites. I have a different theme on each of them so they all look different when your just looking at them like my readers do, but when you go to the administration side of it, they all look exactly the same.

WordPress Makes It Easy To Change Themes

You have so many options with using a wordpress blog. You can change so many different things on the back side to make the front of your blog look awesome. Have you ever tried to choose a different theme on blogger. They all look the same. Of course you can buy some expensive themes but there’s no reason if your on a budget, get a free one and then when you start making money. Then you can invest in a different theme.

Simple to change your theme, without losing your blog posts or settings.

WordPress makes it easy, with it your website looks great, that is after you add your theme, which you can get for free, all the plugins that you add are all free so don’t worry about an additional cost once you get started. Right now you’re only cost will be for a hosting company which you can get for as little as $3.95 a month, your domain name will cost you about $12.00 to renew each year and your email list provider.

That’s it, Oh you can add more to the list, but for now. That’s all you need.

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