Top Reasons To Start A Blog

Top Reasons To Start A Blog

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You’re thinking about starting a new business but not sure where to begin? Blogging is my first choice to brand yourself no matter where your headed with your business, be it writing a book, dipping into affiliate marketing, or even if your just started a small food biz, whatever you decide. I think blogging will help you launch and grow your business much faster than any other way. I’ll give you more of my top reasons to start a blog, follow along with me.

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Top Reasons To Start A Blog

There are so many reasons that I can give you to start a blog but I’ll just stick to a small list this time.

  1. Brand yourself
  2. To brand your company
  3. To make money
  4. For the family
  5. Writing your first book

That’s just a few to get started today. There are many more reasons but let’s just stick with the basics here. As you might know by now I LOVE to start a new blog. I do it quite often, my reasons vary depending on the project I’m working on, I have an author blog, one for amazon products, another one for homesteading, this blog and more. 🙂

The reason for that is I can’t put everything on one blog, it would be too scattered. I would lose my main audience I was looking for in the first place. Not many people care about spinning wool from rabbits, but it was a popular subject on my homestead blog.

See what I mean?

Here are a few main reasons you might want to start a blog.

Brand Yourself

I’m doing that with this blog. Many others do the same. They use their name to teach the things they know so well. I’m teaching how to start a blog and get traffic to it, to people who have no clue where to start. So I blog, share my posts, make courses and learn new things everyday. Then I teach those things I learn, give my take on things that make my business easier.

Branding yourself with a blog is a great idea, it will get the word out that you are an authority on the subject and you will get followers and clients as you share your posts on social media.

Brand Your Company with a Blog

If you are in business for yourself, you will need to brand yourself and your company. What I mean by that is that you need to market your company to make money. Blogging will help with that, you talk about your service in your blog posts, take those posts and share them to get clients interested in your product.

Rinse and Repeat!

It’s important to share your business and the best way to do that is talk about it to as many people as you can. You’ll get more customers and make friends in the same business that you can network with. To do that quickly is with a blog about your business. Writing articles talking about your services and sharing that on social media with each post is the cheapest form of advertising there is out there.

Word of mouth is one of the quickest way to success. With my cricket business, we only went out looking for customers one time. We would pick a city that we were going to deliver to, and then give each pet shop we wanted to do business with a sample of our product ( a box of crickets). 🙂

We did an excellent job providing them with live bugs each week. That it didn’t take long and our phone was buzzing with new customers. Word of mouth is the way we grew our tiny, tiny business from food stamps to a million dollar home business.

It’s powerful folks!

To Make Money

Well that’s a no brainer! Blogging to make money is a popular concept. Of course we all need to make money for our family. So many of us want to do it with our laptop in the convenience of home. Learning just how to do that takes some learning on our parts. But there are so many scammers out there, and I’ve been taken with quite a few of them when I first started. That it sometimes can seem such a daunting task. I can help! Check out this page, How to start a profitable blog and a Free 7-day ecourse.

Top Reasons To Start A Blog

For Family

Some of you might just want to connect with family and share a journal of your daily life. Back in the day that’s what most of us did, until facebook came along. I also know a lot of mommy bloggers out there who are making great money blogging about mom stuff and doing really well at it. One mom only talks about the toys her kids like and one year in December she made $75,000 from the amazon affiliate program.

That’s just one month! Crazy! Yeah she bought a house that year.

Writing Your First Book

This is very popular if you want to write a book and become an author. Blogging for your readers is the thing to do. Really it’s a must if you want to be successful. You need to connect and create fans. I have one for my book. It’s a place where you can showcase your books and talk about events you’ll be at, book signings and tell your fans of upcoming books. One of the authors that I follow, she will do little stories of a couple of her main characters.

And she will talk about talk about them on her blog, as though they were her best friends, telling us readers what the couple are doing. Like one time she told us they what their costumes were for halloween. (ha-ha, Vampires dressing up) It was a hoot! I’m a big time paranormal fiction reader and this is such fun for me to read. It really makes you connect with her characters more on an emotional level, which makes you want to read more about them. No wonder she has so many best sellers!

I hope this has helped a little bit to understand why you might want to start a blog, check out my free 7-day course to get started today with your first blog!

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