Steps To Setting Up Your Blog

4 Easy Steps To Setting Up Your Blog

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Setting up your blog can seem like a daunting task. But rest assured it’s not that hard, it just takes a little bit of time to get it going to start with, after that you won’t have much to do besides add content and update your plugins regularly. Simple!

I’ve given you step by step instructions below as if you were starting a brand new site. This assumes you don’t already have a domain name or hosting. If you’ve not picked out a niche or domain name, then you might want to read Choosing a Niche and Picking a Blog Name before you start reading here.

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Setting Up Your Blog -4 EASY STEPS!

Don’t worry these steps are easy to follow. Just do it one at a time, reading through the process then go the tasks. Come back to the next step, then go do the task. Taking baby steps and you’ll be finished before you know it!

Step One: Pick Your Domain Name And Registering it

I get all my domain names from Namecheap. Picking out a domain takes some thinking. You can read my article on how to easily pick a name for you blog here.

Here’s a Checklist To Help You Pick Out a Blog Name. See if you blog name passes the test.

  • Can you tell your friend your blog name easily or do you have to spell it out for them?
  • Is it easy to say or is it super long?
  • No name of any Brand, you will get sued.
  • If you tell me your blog name, will I know what your blog is about? I had a blog named “cricketlady” and it was about selling on ebay. Lol! That was a Big Fat Fail!
  • Is your blog name broad enough to cover all your subtopics? “” would be too narrow. See what I mean?

Once you have your domain name picked out and bought from Namecheap. Then you want to buy hosting for it. You can buy it from Mom Webs with your hosting, if you want to save a step, we’re only talking a few dollars in savings. To keep it simple you can easily buy them both from Mom Webs. But I’m going to show you how I do it using Namecheap and my favorite hosting company.

 Time To Get Hosting For Your Blog

Now that you have your domain name, it’s time to get hosting for it. I know it seems weird but that’s just part of the process. I’ve taken some screen shots to help you along the way. I learn visually, so I like to see what steps to take, it saves time. Your going to head over to Mom Webs and pick out your plan.

Mom Webs Hosting Packages



Step Two: Buy Hosting Plan For Your Blog

Time to pick out which Plan you want to buy. The Mini Plan is if you just want to start one blog only. I have several blogs so I bought the Multi Plan. I also picked to pay $29.00 quarterly. It saves me about $4.00 per year. Not much but its some savings, so I went for it.

step 2


890x720 Step 3-min

Step Three: Point Your Domain

Skip this if you bought your Domain and hosting at the same time from Mom Webs

Now if you already had a Domain Name and you didn’t just buy it from Mom Webs. Then you need to point you blog name to the new host because it’s just sitting where you bought it from, be it GoDaddy or Namecheap. You want to open up two new tabs in your browser. One where you bought your Domain Name and one with Namecheap CPanel (that’s like your homepage).

 Steps To Setting Up Your Blog

How To Change Your DNS Nameservers using Namecheap that has your domain and Mom Webs that is your hosting:

  1. Your First tab you want to open up Find Your Dashboard.
  2. You will see your domain name and then you will see “Manage” Click on that box.
  3. Next you will make sure your “Whois Guard” is toggled ON and that your “Auto-Renew” is ON.
  4. Type in the nameservers you were provided from Mom webs, should be:, and

890x720 Step 4-min

Normally when I do this, I quit for the day. It takes a few hours to get the nameservers pointing to your web host. Take a rest for today and come back to this tomorrow. Your Doing Great!! 🙂

Step Four: Install Your WordPress To Your Blog in Mom Webs

This is super easy! Much easier than it used to be, your so lucky! First you need to go back to your Cpanel. See the image below. Click on the “W” for wordpress. You will also be sent an email with your Cpanel login from Mom Webs. I like to copy that information and I put it in the cloud somewhere. Like google docs or Evernote and when you setup your wordpress it will ask you to fill in how you will log into your website.

Wordpress setup-min

Part 2 WordPress setup-min

Now you know what to do. Now you need to head over to Mom Webs to get your Hosting! For as little as $5.00 a month to start your blog today! Good Luck starting your new blog! I’m so proud of you!

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