Boost Your Productivity 4 Week eCourse


4 Week ecourse, 4 workbooks & checklists

Boost Your Productivity 4 Week eCourse

1) Lesson 1~ Identifying and Breaking Bad Habits workbook & checklist
2) Lesson 2~ How to Prioritize Your Life workbook & checklist
3) Lesson 3 ~ Building a Support Team
4) Lesson 4 ~ Effective todo lists & checklists workbooks with checklist sheet

(You will get all 4 weeks in one download  and then weekly emails with each weeks lesson)


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Want to work less but get more done?
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Learn How to Boost Your Productivity &
Get More Done with Less Stress.


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From: Michelle Farmer
Date: August 17, 2021
Subject: Productivity

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Dear Friend,

Working less while getting more done isn’t easy, especially, if you have a heavy daily schedule. But it is possible.

You don’t need expensive software, special tools, or time-intensive methods to boost your productivity. You just need some planning, creative thinking, and determination to stick to your new plan.

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Here’s what you’ll learn from this course:

How to identify bad habits that are interfering with your productivity –   and how to fix them.

How to create a schedule that gives you more time to achieve your goals.

How to build a support team, at work or home, and how to ask for help.

How to create effective checklists and manage your to-do lists.

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Boost Your Productivity & Get More
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