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Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

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30 Day Challenge Traffic Strategies That Work -Day 2. I’ve decided to retake the course that helped my homestead site go from 0 to 8000 pageviews in just three short months. So this series will be going over Create and Go’s Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review in detail as I go through the steps again. Sharing what I like about the course and what I didn’t, you’ll see first hand at how it will build this blog’s traffic like I did with my homestead site last year.

30 day challenge Day 2 Traffic Avalanche Review

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

What I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about this course is that it’s updated all the time. That means when you buy the course, you are going to get fresh updated information about the ever changing Pinterest. They keep this course up to date. This is not a stale course that’s useless two months after you take it. Lauren and Alex are really good at getting traffic and making money on not ONE Blog, But they have TWO very successful blogs. They are starting to make over $100,000 per month just from blogging and I’ve watched them grow them. 

That’s so Exciting!! 

I love watching bloggers succeed and grow!

Who’s Teaching The Course?

When I need education and am ready to buy a course. I look at the person teaching the course. Can I find evidence that they are actually successful? Or are they just just making stuff up. When I looked up these two, they really impressed me. They are fun to watch in the videos and they made the steps to take really easy to implement. I learned so much about pinterest and the best part, I was successful at it. They built these sites when they both quit their jobs and moved back home with Mom and Dad.

“I wish I had such nice parents!”

But I’m guessing they had a timeline because they both buckled down and created the most awesome two blogs I’ve seen and I’m not even into Yoga at all. All the while teaching what they were learning, which is awesome!

30 Day Challenge Traffic Day 2

Does This Work Long Term?

You Betcha!

I’m still getting traffic from that work last year. I didn’t even make a blog post all summer long. The pageviews did level off for the winter and I didn’t make any winter blog posts that would drive more traffic to the blog during the season. And  I’m still getting 7000 pageviews a month. Not bad for not working on it much!

Just roll with it. I pick up more traffic during the garden season because that’s what most of my posts are about mostly. I only have about 50 blog posts on it, and I’m still making enough sales to pay the internet bill.  If I would work on it more it would pay even more bills. But I got bored with it and that happens, it’s ok to put things on the back burner if your just not into it, until you find your passion.

When I first took the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course, the platform they used really sucked. It was their first course and they didn’t have everything figured out yet. I couldn’t even log in some days. But they have that all streamlined now and put the course on a new platform (Teachable which is awesome!) and when I logged in today to check out the course again.

I was amazed at how much more information was in this revised course!


Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

It’s going to be so much fun to do all over again. I’m going to grow this new blog from no traffic to 8000 pageviews in a matter of months, like I did with my homestead blog. Using the the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course giving you a review of the course at the same time.

Come on and join the fun with me!

Lots of love-min

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