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How To Choose A Blog Name That Doesn’t Suck

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So you want to start a blog but you’re really not sure how to choose a blog name for it. Lot’s of things go through your mind and that’s where many people get stuck. There are just too many choices. Are you supposed to get a dot com or can you use dot net?

How to choose a blog name that doesn't suck!

How To Pick A Blog Name

Some people start a blog only to change the name later, which is confusing for everyone. Just a few months ago my favorite email provider was going to change their name, which I thought was really strange given all the money they spent on branding and advertising.

They ended up not changing it, which I’m glad of, turns out the name they wanted had some kind of religious meaning that they were unaware of.

A Few Rules To Follow First

There are a few rules you need to follow first when picking out a blog name. Fist you want to make it a “dot com”. That’s what most people are looking for and will type no matter what you pick and if you pick a “dot net” or one of the new things like “dot co” you will get some confusion from people who are trying to find you after you get a little established. They will always type out dot com.

So now that you know you want a “dot com” to go after your name that you pick. How do you go about looking for a name? First off it needs to be short and not have any dashes in it.

You also don’t want to get sued, so don’t pick anything that is branded already. I don’t think McDonalds would like you calling your blog with the same name. You see where I’m going with this.

What’s Your Blog Going To Be About?

If it’s going to be about yoga or fitness, you might want to add that to the name. Or if your going to make an internet marketing blog, where you teach other people about blogging and things, you would want to use your own name.

I had to pick my full name, because some woman in Florida has a wonderful women’s clothing store with her name. Michelle Farmer. So that was already taken. The first thing I like to do when I find a name that I like is to go to google and type in the name.

I used to have a blog name of cricketlady but I looked it up not to long ago and on the first page of google was a story of a crazy woman that let go of a bunch of crickets on a subway and she was arrested for it.

So I wouldn’t recommend that one to anyone. People will search your name on google, and if a bad story pops up first thing, you might want to rethink the blog name with something else.

Also you want to see if anyone has a twitter account and facebook page in the same name. If so, then keep looking. You don’t want to get confused with someone else that might not have the same morals as you do.

Here are a couple places I like go and get ideas on blog names.

>>Domain Wheel

>>Cool Blog & Domain Name Generator 

>> Name Mesh, this is my favorite one

How To choose a Blog name that doesn't suck-min

Blog Name Quick Checklist

  1. You want to pick a .com for your blog
  2. You want it to be simple no more than three words.
  3. Nothing hard to spell names.
  4. No dashes.
  5. Use your own name if you’re going into IM biz.
  6. Check to see if the name is on google.
  7. Check to see if you can use it on social media.
  8. Do a quick check to see who owned it last with whois website.
  9. If someone did own it, then look to see what the website was about, to make sure there wasn’t anything shady on it. Wayback Machine
  10. If everything looks good and you followed the checklist. Then it’s time to claim that domain. You can easily buy a domain for under $15.

I buy all my domains from Namecheap, be sure to click on the free privacy whois Guard. Yep that’s what you just looked up. If you buy the domain from godaddy, all your information, address, phone number, everything is public record.

I hope this helped you to figure out how to choose a blog name that doesn’t suck. Or one that you want to change the day after you buy it. Let me know if you need help deciding.

Lots of love-min

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