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Email Marketing For Bloggers

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If you’ve been around blogging any time at all you’ll hear this message “The Money Is In The List“. You’ll hear me say it time and time again. Starting an online business doesn’t cost that much to start.  Email marketing for bloggers is one of the top things you should invest in and learn everything you can, because that my friend is your ticket to freedom.

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Invest In Your Business Smartly

No one can take away your faithful subscribers. The ones who buy from you constantly. You could lose your blog to bandits, google and pinterest can take away your traffic, but you will still have your income from your list. So you can still live the life you have always dreamed of living.

Invest in your business with a really good email provider for you blog. I’ve used them all and there is such a difference. What I hate mostly is that the time it takes to learn a new program. Once I learn it and it becomes a part of my life, I don’t want to waste another month learning a new program. How about you?

Email marketing takes time, you invest so much of your time putting into place funnels and free courses. Also all of your newsletters that you sent out, the stats that are on these newsletters. The only email provider that I’ve found perfect marketing for a growing online business is Convertkit.

This company is AMAZING! I really just stumbled on to them when I was reading another mom blogger, she was raving on and on about Convertkit and how awesome they were. I was struggling with yet again another paid email provider. I’ve tried free ones but to get any automation you have to buy a package with them, they lack in so many areas that I’ve always opted to use a paid email provider.

Email Providers Aweber Vs Convertkit

I was using Aweber at the time.  I used them for years and years. The only stats you get from them are if anyone clicked out of the email, not very helpful. Also I spent a day trying to figure out where my sign up form was at. Turns out you have to make a new list every single time you make a new form for a series. I had my sign up form for my main page of my homestead blog, one list. Then I had one for my free herb course, list two. You have to switch back and forth. I started another list on selling on eBay, list three. Each email you send out, you have to switch lists to see. Big bummer!

You can’t see any of these on one page, you have to switch back and forth. ALSO! The Real biggie here is that when one person signs up for all three of the lists, I get charged for EACH TIME THEY SIGN UP. One person, I get charged for 3 people even though it’s just one email. That can add up very quickly!

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Secret To Successful Email Marketing

That can get VERY expensive quick! I decided to make the change and move my subscriber list to Convertkit. It was in the early stages of my blog. I still had to copy all of my email courses over to convertkit. But it was really easy to get my subscribers over. Thank Goodness I did, because something Amazing Happened!

After I moved to Convertkit my email sign ups EXPLODED!

Do you want to know why? Of course you do!

Convertkit has this really awesome feature that makes a really cool “Landing Page”. Most email providers don’t have that feature or you have to pay extra for it. When I plugged in my Free Herb Course and made its own landing page, my signups exploded. I was up to 600 sign ups by the summer time. Cool!

The Money Is In The List

Best part is, they only charge me for one email. That person can sign up to all my free stuff and I’m only charged ONE TIME! Not three or four. Also I can see all my forms on one page. My stats are so detailed! All of my subscribers are listed, when they subscribe, what they click on, what things they are interested on my blog. That’s so helpful and when I click on a subscriber, I see every single thing I’ve sent them, if they clicked on it or not, when they are signed up to with these handy tags. It is truly amazing!

I can see where I flopped and where everyone clicked. I will never have another email provider. Convertkit is that amazing! So don’t scrimp on the email provider. This is where you make your money. Some bloggers will tell you to go ahead and get a free provider. That is just going to waste your time. I’m not saying that. If you really want to make this blog your future full time income. Invest in a great email provider. That will tell you what’s working and what’s not right from the beginning. And your online business Will Explode!

Start Your Free Trial Today with Convertkit!

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