Creating Multiple Streams of Online Income

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Creating Multiple Streams of Online Income (1)-min

Are you struggling to pay the bills each month? Sick and tired of working so hard but getting little to nothing from one source of income. Then you need to be creating MULTIPLE streams of online income.

Let me explain.

Back in the day, when we first starting making money online. The popular thought was to make 100’s of blogs. The more you made the better and more money you would make. It worked for a few years and then google wised up and took out all those thin blogs with little content and overnight a lot of people I knew who were making 6 figures or more a year.

Creating Multiple Streams of Online Income (1)-min

Went completely broke OVERNIGHT!

That gave us all a wake up call. You just can’t put all your effort and work into one thing because anything can go wrong. You need more than one income stream coming from different sources.

I just did a test this year with eBay. We’ve had one account for going on 6 years now. The money was really good, then things happened and the sales dropped. I had to change tactics and I also had to create more ways of making money. I had to stop relying on eBay to pay the bills each month.

Scary, when you used to something and then you need to change things up. I really hate change. But I’ve learned to go with the flow now.

I started a second eBay store just for hubs and a third eBay store just for my clothing. Doing just that one thing doubled my income. I also added a few things to etsy and started a journal store to go with this blog and put on etsy sometime next year.

You should never depend on one platform to make money. I really need to create a website with my vintage items on it. So that if something happens to my ebay store, I’ll still have income coming in from the website. That would give me even more leverage. I’ll have to add that to my To Do list next year.

It really depends on what type of business you want to build for yourself. Don’t forget it takes time to establish these. So don’t take on too many at one time. I do this all the time. That’s why I struggled with making money online for so long.

Self Doubt

Don’t Let Self Doubt Get in The Way of Success

I would start to get doubts about what I was doing at the time. I would think that I wasn’t making money fast enough or not at all. Then I would wonder if I was going down the wrong path, doing the wrong things.

Then I would switch gears and follow some other glittery object that came in my inbox, following along with that course until I realized. I just learned that same thing a year ago. If I had just stuck with what I was doing in the first place. I wouldn’t be wondering around like a crazy woman trying to make money.

Does this sound familiar?

So here’s my advice.

Do one thing that you LOVE! Something that you have passion for and love doing every day. You wake up each morning excited to start the day and get busy with your business.

And STICK WITH IT, even when you have doubts.

Walk away for a week if you need to regroup. But come back to it. Never give up.

If you keep working on a project that will make you money each and every day. You will succeed. If you make $1 you can turn that into $10. Just keep improving on yourself. Don’t worry about everyone else that talks about making 6 figures in one month. You have no idea how much money they had to pay to make that much money.

For a while selling on Amazon was the thing to do and I often wanted to do that too, but it wasn’t for me. I like to buy old vintage items. The people that I was following at the time, where going out shopping every day to outlet stores and CVS stores. To pick up items to sell on Amazon. They were spending up to $10K a month on products to make $20K or less.

I HATE shopping! I can count on ONE hand the times I’ve went to the mall. And that is in the last 5 YEARS! There is no way in heck I’m going to go shopping at those places everyday. It’s just not my thing. But it took me a year before I finally figured that out.

Really go with your gut on this.

Don’t do an online business for anyone but yourself and how you can help other people who are just like you.  Those people are looking for answers from just YOU! Once you build an online presents talking about what you love doing or a problem that you’ve solved. Can you really start to make money.

But you can’t go creating all these income avenues at one time. You need to do it one at a time. Or you will burn out. I’ve done that so many times. Each day do one thing that you know will bring you in some money. Don’t over do it. Once you can handle the one thing then add two as you get faster.

That way you won’t burn out, and it will get you through the growing period. I’ve found with everyone that makes money. They all have a growing period, where they work like a dog. But then once you have the foundation in place. You have followers, loyal subscribers that will buy from you when you put something new out.

That’s when you can start a new income stream.

Ideas For Creating Multiple Streams Of Online Income

  • Blogging
  • Books
  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • Journals
  • Amazon ebooks

That’s just a few ideas off the top of my head. But add something that will work with what you are already doing. Ask yourself… “does it fit with your work your already doing”?

What are your multiple streams of income, add your comment below. We’d love to hear about it.

Lots of love-min


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