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6 Best Blogging Tools For Beginners

Blogging is fun but it takes some work and if you can find tools to help you along the way all the better! I’ve found over the years some of the best blogging tools for beginners to use. Let’s take a look at what I use. Domain Name Keeper First of course is that you […]

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Steps To Setting Up Your Blog

4 Easy Steps To Setting Up Your Blog

Setting up your blog can seem like a daunting task. But rest assured it’s not that hard, it just takes a little bit of time to get it going to start with, after that you won’t have much to do besides add content and update your plugins regularly. Simple! I’ve given you step by step […]

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What is Wordpress

What is WordPress and Why The Heck Do I Need It?

So What is WordPress? It’s a place where your blog goes, it’s like the foundation to just about everything on the web, a bunch of hidden code that makes your website look cool. I had no idea that eBay was started on just a plain wordpress blog. Also it’s FREE, so no worries about buying […]

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Blog Hosting Review

Blog Hosting Review – Why You Need To Invest In a Good Hosting Company

Getting set up with the right hosting company in the first place is very important. It will save you so much heartache when your blog starts to grow and get more traffic. I decided to set down and talk with you about your choices and give my blog hosting review on a few of my […]

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8 Blog Niche Ideas That Get Traffic and Make Money for you

8 Blog Niche Ideas That Get Traffic and Make Money

This is for newbies looking for blog niche ideas. Some that gets traffic and makes money at the same time. Follow along as I show you 8 profitable blog niche ideas that anyone can start.   We’ll be looking at 8 profitable blog niches that you should consider that people are getting traffic to and […]

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