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Blog Writing Tips And Tricks Biggest Secret Successful Bloggers Aren’t Sharing

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When your starting to blog the one thing that everyone needs to do is to actually Write blog posts. That will take practice, just like anything new you try out. But I’ve been following a professional ghostwriter for years now and I have a few blog writing tips and tricks to share with you. And I’ll tell you about a big Secret Successful Bloggers aren’t sharing with us.

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What To Write About

The first thing you want to do is have a brainstorm of topics you want to share. You want to search out what some of the problems people are facing in your niche or subject. All you need to do it go you your favorite facebook group and look around. You’ll see the questions people are posting on there. Those are the topics you want to write about on your blog,  you can even look at google trends . I typed in “Homesteading” and came up with three topics right off that I could blog about.

  • Greenhouse building and using. These would be a great topic for my blog because I’m writing mostly about gardening.
  • How to start homesteading. I have a blog post about that topic, great!
  • Homesteading off grid. That’s a popular one and I do have an off grid cabin that the lights run on a battery. I need to write a post about that for sure.

See I found three blog post, by just looking at one place.

The second place you should look for ideas to write about is on Amazon, in the best selling books category under your topic. Once you’ve found that, then look inside the books in the “Table of Contents” that is a quick way to find topics to talk about, look in a few books in your niche and write down some of the titles that you could write about. These are top selling books for a reason,  the subject matter must be awesome or they wouldn’t be a bestseller.

Now don’t copy the book, just get ideas on what you can write about.

If you suck at writing and need a little help you can hire a ghostwriter, but that gets really expensive quick. I’d say you should just write it yourself, if you have a passion for your chosen topic then you should have no problem writing about it. Just think of your blog as a diary or your telling your old friend about something. The more time you spend writing the better writer you will become.

I have one more trick that you might not even know about and I’ll be sharing that one next.

Best Kept Secret Successful Bloggers Don’t Tell You About

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I’ve been following one of the best ghostwriters in the industry and that some very big successful bloggers went to her for all their blog writing. This was at the beginning of her career, she has since quit ghostwriting for them and now all she does is help little bloggers like us and she creates something called PLR.

That’s the big secret that bloggers don’t tell you, most of them hire out all the writing on their blog. Not everyone but a lot of them do. So how can we compete with that? We can’t afford to pay someone $25 or more for a blog post. That’s where you’re wrong.

>>Visit My PLR Niche Shop, for quality Done-For-You Articles for your Blog.

There’s a thing that the internet marketing communities uses all the time, I use it too! It’s called “PLR or Public Label Rights” Which in a nutshell is pre written articles that everyone can buy for way cheaper than the $25, most times these come in packs for less than $10 some of them include whole eBooks that you can use as your own on your blogs.

That means anyone that buys these packs or articles can use them as their own. Use them as blog posts or eBooks or whatever and you can put your own name on it and use it as your very own according to the terms of each PLR provider.

Now you can’t just buy one of these packs of PLR and put them up on kindle as is, that won’t work. And the only downside is that 100’s of people are getting the same pack that you bought. What you need to do with it is to change it up with your own voice, then you can post them on your blog. This will save you so much time.

Blog Writing Tips And Tricks 1 (1)-min

It’s a lot better than looking at a blank screen of your computer, wondering what the heck to write about. And when you buy a pack of them or an eBook that content might get you through the whole month of blog posts. Sweet!

I actually used them on my homestead site. I’m no garden expert but with the help of my “Garden Expert PLR” that I bought. I look like I really know what I’m talking about. And I do to some degree, but some of the technical stuff. No.

But I add my own voice to the article and that makes it my own, with the help of the pre written articles. I can queue up 5 articles at a time. I just copy and paste them into my wordpress and save them as drafts. Then each day or rather each week. I’ll go in and read the “PLR Article” that I’ve posted in there and change up the wordage to match how I talk.

I also add little things that I think of as I’m reading it to add more of myself and my tips to the article. Once I’m happy with it and I add my two graphics to it and make it more readable. That’s when I hit publish. You always want to use keywords in your article, so you’ll be adding them at least three times. And change the title and rewrite the first paragraph as your own.

The rest is done for you but with you adding to the whole article that you bought, your creating a really meaty blog post and if you double the word count from when you started with the PLR article, then your blog will start to fill up really quickly and that’s the end goal.

When your using PLR that makes it go so much quicker and if you buy those articles from really good writers then you know your getting great stuff. Remember my friend that was a ghostwriter for the big successful bloggers, well guess what?

She writes PLR!

Yes and if you follow along with me I’ll let you know when she has a new batch of articles for sale. She has a whole store full of articles to buy. She runs big sales on when she first puts them out. And that’s when you want to buy them. Everyone that writes PLR does, then it goes to full price. I’ve paid full price for them as well, when I’m looking for something special.

One other thing you might not know is that I have a PLR Store too! You get 15% off your first purchase when you sign up over there. I’ll be adding to my store weekly and you can ask for topics that your interested in as well.

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