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Blog Topic Ideas For Beginners

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Day 7 of my 30 Day Challenge Traffic Strategies That Work we’ll be going over Blog Topic Ideas For Beginners in the course. I’m retaking The Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course. To get traffic fast from Pinterest.

30 Day Challenge Traffic Day 7 Blog Topic Ideas For Beginners-min

Laying The Foundation For Pinterest Success

Today’s section of the course has to do with Laying the foundation to Pinterest Success. There are 4 parts to this section. The first thing they talk about is Pinterest Demographics. The first time I heard about Pinterest was in my eBay Facebook Group. They were heavily pinning things from our sellers account onto Pinterest. Some were having very good luck with it.

I was having a hard enough time just getting my new things listed each day and if I ended up on Facebook I would lose an hour, just looking at what everyone was posting on there. I didn’t need or want another distraction. So I never took part in that much.

30 Day Challenge Traffic Day 7 Blog Topic Ideas For Beginners-min

Then I heard about it again, from a Super Affiliate. We will be talking about that later on, but for now, just know this lady makes really good money and she was talking about how the New Pinterest was gaining popularity really fast.

When I decided to take this course and I watched Alex in the video telling me about the demographics of Pinterest, I was shocked! And excited. He is talking about that in the first video. The second video gives examples of a few really big time bloggers that make a lot of money with their blog. One of the survival niches he talks about, even though I don’t think he mentions it, but I know because I’m in that niche too.

They make  a MILLION DOLLARS a MONTH With their blog!

DANG! That’s a lot of money!

Blog Topic Ideas For Beginners

The next part of this section of the course, talks about your boards you need to make on Pinterest. But what’s surprised me, (this is a new part of the course that wasn’t there last year) is that they tell you what you should write about on your blog!

How cool is that?!

What kind of boards you should have and content you should be writing for your blog. Alex is teaching us how to find out what people want to read on your blog!  After the video I downloaded a fun pdf that gave me samples of articles I should write. I really love this! I made a folder for this course on my desktop, so I can just open it up and look at the documents I’ve downloaded from the course. Then also jotted down some ideas for blog posts and board ideas. If your wondering what course I’m retaking its this one The Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course.

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