8 Blog Niche Ideas That Get Traffic and Make Money for you

8 Blog Niche Ideas That Get Traffic and Make Money

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This is for newbies looking for blog niche ideas. Some that gets traffic and makes money at the same time. Follow along as I show you 8 profitable blog niche ideas that anyone can start.


8 Blog Niche Ideas That Get Traffic and Make Money for you

We’ll be looking at 8 profitable blog niches that you should consider that people are getting traffic to and making money from them. Also tips on finding your perfect niche to get started into.

8 Profitable Blog Niches You Should Consider

It is a misconception that you should go with a narrow niche, meaning that you pick a big niche, say gardening, then narrow down that to garden tools, then narrow it down again to garden plows.

You would be left with a very boring niche to talk about. There are only so many garden plows to write about. Back in the day that was all the rage, to pick a big niche, then narrow it down until you have a razor sharp niche that talks about only one thing. That left you with very little to write about and the blogs those days were very short, only about 5 articles.

Those days are gone, besides the fact that you were taught that you needed to have 100 of these so called narrowed down niche blogs to make any money. No wonder I never fell for that trap. I too lazy to take care of a couple blogs, let alone 100’s of them.

Google took care of those too. Killing income to millions of people overnight with one stroke of the keyboard. I heard from so many people that lost their entire income in one day. It was really sad.

That’s why I always say, if your going to work for yourself then you need to have multiple streams of income. But only work on one at a time until it is producing the income you want, then move to the next one.

Start with A Big Blog Niche

Today if your just starting a blog, you should go big or stay home. Go with the big niches, that way you’re not stuck with such a narrow niche that you have nothing worth writing about.

But your saying, “isn’t the competition too much? How will I ever make it?” Don’t worry, if everyone is blogging about the same thing, then there has to be money in it and I’ll show you how to make your niche stand out later in this article.

If you pick a big niche then you’ll have plenty of different things to promote to make money with. Also you never run out of topics to write about.

Here’s a list of the TOP 8 Blog Niches that you should consider.

  • Technology
  • Food/drink
  • Health/beauty
  • Fiance
  • Relationships
  • Automotive
  • Home/Garden
  • Hobbies

Any one of these would be a great start to a blog, you will have plenty to write about. The secret that the big bloggers are keeping to themselves is very simple. Start a big blog topic, but narrow down on that topic to very narrow topics. For example, Garden Plows after you write a few blog posts about those then move on to another narrow subject in the same area, such as Garden tools.

See how it works, you’re going big with a topic but narrow at the same time. Your overall blog would be about “Home/Garden”. You can write about Home Decor and Garden tips, Holidays, Kitchen curtains, you name it.

I could go on and on…

The list is endless with any of these niches. Start small and build up from a little corner of the topic. You will have a wonderful well rounded blog, that has authority and people that people will love to read.

Why They Get Traffic and Make Money

These sites get traffic because they are big topics that people are looking to find information from. I have always blogged about people problems. I find solutions and write about them.

People are looking for ideas and answers to problems when they search the web. When you address those problems with solutions, then you get traffic.

Making money with blogs, come from ads, affiliate links if you have a popular blog then brands will pay you money to put a blog post up for them about their product.

There are many ways you can make money from blogging, you just need to learn the way that works best for you.


Simple Tips To Finding Your Perfect Niche

One of the easiest ways to pick the perfect blog niche for you is to ask yourself these questions.

  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. What do you talk about or think about all the time?
  3. What do you want to learn to do? Would you mind writing about that process?
  4. What do you love doing, and wouldn’t mind doing that thing 24/7?

Answer these questions and look at the 8 blog niches above. Can you fit your passion into one of those blog niches. My homestead blog would go in the “home/garden” niche. I started writing about herb gardening and created a free course on how to make your first herb garden.

It was a big hit and still is today. I’ve gradually moved to some other areas, but my main theme is gardening. My blog is still new, as I’m slowly working on it. I can see other areas that I would like to talk about next year that will branch into more areas.

What Some Successful Bloggers Don’t Tell You!

One thing that really gets my goat is when you see all these pins on Pinterest that say…
I made 100,000 last month from my blog“. What you don’t realize is that this is their 5 blog! They tried and tried again, until they figured out how to blog successfully. It is a slow process but you can make an awesome blog if you created 5 of them over the years.

But lucky for us we have a few tricks up our sleeve now and we don’t have to wait for google to bring us traffic anymore or pay for traffic.

Which all the Big Timers do! BTW

So don’t fall down that bunny hole. Blogging takes work, but if you stick it out it will make you a full time living.

I hope this has helped you understand how to find the best blog niche ideas. Starting out with a blog you love is the most important thing. I would love to hear about how you found your blog niche.

Most of us are not looking to make a million dollars a year. I’m happy paying my bills so I can do what I want to do each day. How about you?

Lots of love-min



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8 Blog Niche Ideas That Get Traffic and Make Money

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