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Blog Hosting Review – Why You Need To Invest In a Good Hosting Company

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Getting set up with the right hosting company in the first place is very important. It will save you so much heartache when your blog starts to grow and get more traffic. I decided to set down and talk with you about your choices and give my blog hosting review on a few of my favorite hosting companies.

Blog Hosting Review - Why You Need To Invest In a Good Hosting Company-min

I’ve used several different hosting companies over the years. I’ve also heard nightmares about how a blog would start to grow and then all the sudden their site would crash because of too much traffic coming to it and the hosting company would shut down their site. Then start asking for a lot more money to keep the site going.

Free Host vs Paid Hosting

Many people want to start out blogging for free and that’s just not a good option.

“You get what you pay for!”

Here’s why, if your just playing around with blogging and if you really don’t care if you make any money, then the free hosting service would be fine. But let’s say your freebie blog starts to get popular, you start to get followers and lots of pageviews.

Well then you will start to think about adding some ads to your site or affiliate links to give you a little bit of money.

“Think again!”

Those free blogs won’t allow you to put ads on the site. Also that free company owns your site and everything on it. They could shut down or go out of business, then your nice blog would be gone, just like that and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I’ve seen sewing sites started on a free hosting site like “blogger” and when they start getting a lot of views then the person decides to put some ads on the site. “Blogger” won’t allow some ads on the site or even links to any affiliate program. Let alone the big name brands won’t want to advertise with you because you don’t own the blog. Blogger does!

Blog Hosting Review

Reasons Not To Start with A Free Hosting Company

There are the reasons I wrote about above but there are more issues with a using a free one.

  • No Domain name of your own
  • Unwanted big ads on free sites
  • Limited features
  • Limited speed and bandwidth
  • and so much more!

Do yourself a favor, if your serious about starting a blog that will turn into a business, which it will, if you just keep posting new content. You will want to own your blog. It’s your writing, your thoughts, your hard work. You should benefit from it and be able to turn it into a full time career if you want to.

mom webs hosting

Mom Webs Hosting

Mom Webs Hosting This is the hosting company I’ve used for the past two years with all my niche sites. I love it, a friend of mine owns it and that means it’s a “Mom & Pop” small business. I always love to purchase from those type of companies first.

Anytime I’ve had a problem, I know “Scott” is going to answer me back and in a timely manner. I have no issue whatsoever with them. I highly recommend this hosting company for anyone starting out. My sites are always up and running smoothly. If they are not. I know mom’s will fix it for me or tell me how to fix it myself.

You can even host more than one site on this plan. I have 4 blogs setup with one quarterly payment plan set up. It won’t break the bank if I forget that I need to pay for hosting that month.

Bluehost Hosting

I started looking at the prices and comparingBluehost is by far the most popular, all the big bloggers use it. Why? Because they have a really sweet affiliate program, that kinda tricks buyers.  Let me explain. You get drawn into the plan because you’re told it will only cost from $3.95 a month. Yes that’s true if you buy into a 36 month plan with them. That’s 3 YEARS! There is no monthly plan, you have to pay for a whole year at a time and to get the discount you need to pay for the full 3 years or more. 

Then they have all these confusing add ons. Don’t buy into all those, they are not needed. That’s why it’s so much easier to go with a family owned company that cares about you and will help you when you get stuck.  But I do have this listed just so you can see the difference.

Picking a hosting service used to be such a pain, I had hostgator for years and years, my blog was always down, multiple calls to them. They were charging me double at one point. So I’m not even listing them. Do yourself a favor and pick a family owned business. Pick my favorite Mom Webs.

Lots of love-min


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