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6 Best Blogging Tools For Beginners

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Blogging is fun but it takes some work and if you can find tools to help you along the way all the better! I’ve found over the years some of the best blogging tools for beginners to use. Let’s take a look at what I use.

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Domain Name Keeper

First of course is that you need to have a domain name. That’s what it’s called, your blog name is your “Domain Name”. You have to purchase that and pay for it each year. It used to be really expensive and I still get junk mail saying that I have to pay scammer $100 to keep my domain.

Wrong! Don’t fall for that.

That’s why I like to use Namecheap for that because they are cheaper but also they provide a free little tool in their box that keeps telemarketing people from calling you on the phone or worst find out where you live. For years I used to use godaddy and my phone was always ringing with shady people who wanted to set up my blog for me.

I finally figured it out that every single time I started a new blog, my phone would ring off the hook. That’s when I did a little digging and found not only my address for everyone to read but also my phone number. That’s when I made the change and move all my domain names over to namecheap, they hide your information for you. Godaddy does it too but it costs more money. I run on the cheap side of things being semi retired.

But first you need to pick out your domain name and if you haven’t done that yet you might like to read my article on how to choose a domain name that doesn’t suck. lol!

When you first buy your domain from Namecheap, they include the hiding of your name. Then each year it’s added to the total and it’s only less than a $1. So worth it to me, not to have scammers calling me all the time. How about you?

Best Hosting Company

Next you’ll need a hosting company, which I’ve talked about before. I use a small family owned business to host all my niche sites and this one. I believe that small businesses are the backbone of the country and that we should at all costs buy from them. It helps those families build their dreams and then one day someone will help to build mine.

When we raised bugs for a living, it was that commitment from my customers that keep us going for over 25 years. They stuck with us through thick and thin. When we lost our son, they had our backs and worked with us as we dealt with the heavy blow to our family. Those customers turned into our family. We still to this day talk to them all and do things with them.

I use Mom Webs to host my blogs.

I think that’s is what’s lacking in the world today. That passion for family, friendship and just being nice. I remember when I first started driving. If you tried to pull into a parking lot, people would wait for you to pull in. Now it’s a world of angry people, honking horns because they have no passion for friendship or to be nice. I wish it would go back to that.

“That’s why I invest my hard earned money to the small business when I can, you should too”. 🙂

You Must Have an Email Provider

If you want to start out with the best blogging tools for beginners then you must start out with an email provider. You MUST! This is my downfall. I was too tight to keep paying for my list that I got from a great Internet Marketing woman. She talked about my blog…lol…the cricketlady one. That one was such a joke!

Anyway I was taking one of her free courses and she mentioned my blog, overnight I had 200 people on my list. YES! But I didn’t keep it up and lost my momentum.  Your list is you business. It will provide you with income when nothing else will. Your readers that join your list, what to follow your life, they want to know what’s going on with you and they WILL be loyal!

Your email list is your life’s blood. I totally missed my opportunity to start making money teaching internet marketing years ago. Because I just didn’t stick it out. I felt like I just wasn’t ready to teach anything, but you don’t have to be a pro in your blog niche. It’s the journey that makes it more fun for the reader. It’s great fun to read about how well someone is doing.

The big time bloggers are great to follow and learn from. It’s fun to dream that you might be just like them on day. But when the FEAR sets in and you second guess yourself. Telling yourself “I’m not good enough yet” “She will never agree to promote my product because it’s not good enough”. Those are the words I used to say to myself, over and over again.

I just caught myself doing it again this morning! I want to make my first product for this blog and I wanted the girl I’ve been following for YEARS to promote it. I heard those words whisper in my ear…”You’re not good enough”  “she won’t like it”. I had to shake myself out of that line of thinking.

Who the heck cares! I’m going to finish my first product and if she doesn’t promote it…


I’ll still make it anyway, no matter how much it scares me. Do you hear yourself saying those things? That’s why It’s nice to follow along with someone that’s just now starting to make things turn around for them. Celebrate the wins and give support when things go south. That’s all apart of friendship that we are creating when we start blogging. We want to share the wins and the losses with our readers.

You can start out with a free email provider and if you do then I recommend Mailerlite. They allow you to get up to 1000 people on your list until you need to start paying. But then you will need to move to a bigger email provider that is more powerful. Which can suck! I tried to move some of my subscribers to Aweber and they wouldn’t take any of them. My list was gone.

The second reason is that you have to move over all your free courses, you’ll lose all your data and newsletters that you sent out. And you have to learn a whole new way of mailing out your newsletters, setting up your landing pages again, Changing out all your opt ins. It’s a BIG Waste of time!

best blogging tools for beginners-min

I Use Convertkit Email Provider

I started out with Convertkit when I started back blogging again two years ago. Hands down this is the best email service I’ve ever used! It’s easy to use, you don’t have to click all over the place to find things. Lots of video training to get you started.  Convertkit is a powerful email provider. Here are just a few things I like about using them over Aweber and the others.

  • Super Awesome Landing Pages That Convert!
  • When 1 person signs up for multiple free courses, it’s only counted as 1 person, not 2 or 3 depending on how many times they sign up with you. That will save you a bunch of money my friend!
  • All Your Subscriber lists are on one page, no switching back and forth like Aweber.
  • They have stats on every open each person does and you can tag them for each lesson they go through. I just love the stats part of it, you know what’s working and what’s not very easily. No one else has this.

I just love them. If you are serious about growing and making money with a blog, you must have a list or it might take you years and years to make any money with your blog. This expense will be just a part of doing business. You will have certain fees that you must pay each month, that’s just part of owning a business. This is one of them, I can’t stress that enough. I hate monthly bills and avoid them as much as I can, but this is just one of them, like the water bill.

It’s that important and the MAIN reason why I failed over and over, because I was too tight to invest in a good email provider. Check Convertkit out with a Free 30 day trial.

The Backbone of Your Blog WordPress

WordPress will be the first thing you install. I have instructions for installing it in this blog post.

Making Pretty Pictures For Your Blog

I use Canva, it’s like photoshop only SO much easier! I love it and best part it’s FREE! My inner cheapscape loves this! I use it every single day. I use these for free pictures.



Get Traffic Fast

You will want to set up your Pinterest account (this is my account link) right away for your blog and start pinning. This will provide you with the fastest traffic in the shortest amount of time. Done right you will have people signing up to be on your list within the first couple of months.

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