Bad Habits That Kill Productivity

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Find Your Bad Habits That Kill Productivity

Are you spinning your wheels but nothing is happening? Do you look at the clock and see hours slipped past you, but you have nothing to show for it? Is it hard to get your work done in a timely manner?

Have you considered maybe you have bad productivity habits that are sabotaging your productivity?

Being productive is a habit. Procrastinating is a habit as well. When it comes to productivity, the habits you’ve created can have a tremendous effect on it.

You might have been told the key to success was to hustle and work harder than everyone else. It’s not necessarily the truth though. Being busy is not the same as being productive. Successful people work smarter to get more done.

They’ve learned to identify and break bad productivity habits. Successful and productive people create good productivity habits to propel them to where they want to be. They utilize the tools, resources and time to their advantage.

How Habits Affect Productivity

Let’s look at two different people.

One is a highly successful business owner who spends time with their family and enjoys hobbies and other activities regularly. This person has developed some basic good habits like being organized and developing routines they follow each day. They focus on one task and use available resources when needed.

The second is a struggling business owner who rarely sees their family, doesn’t have time for sports or other activities and rarely takes time off from work. This person multitasks by trying to fit all their projects and tasks into one day. They have messy, unorganized desks and often keep notes on sticky notes. They rarely do the same routine daily.

They both have the same amount of time and the same type of business. And the same opportunities to be productive each day. So, what’s the difference? The first one has learned the benefits of using good productivity habits while the second one has developed bad productivity habits that keep them busy but unproductive.

What are some of your bad habits you would like to change?

I’ll start! Less time on Facebook…Your turn! Leave your comments below.

Benefits of Good Habits

Some of the benefits of developing and using good productivity habits include:

  • Are less overwhelmed by everything in life. Your financial, social, personal and spiritual life all benefits when you are less stressed.
  • Help you reach your goals. Whether your goals are growing your business, writing a book, or buying a house, having good productivity habits helps you reach them.
  • Are more effective and efficient in everything you do.
  • Better quality of life in every area.
  • More time to do things you want to do.

In the free workbook you will learn how to identify those bad productivity habits that are keeping you busy, but unproductive. Once you know what they are, you will then learn what is at the root cause of why you have them. And finally, you’ll discover how to fix those bad productivity habits.

If you’d like to find out how to create good habits yourself, download my free workbook to get you started.

With Love,
Michelle 🙂

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Bad Habits That Kill Productivity-min

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