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30 Day Challenge Traffic Strategies That Work Day 4 Path To Success

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Welcome back to my 30 Day Challenge Traffic Strategies That Work Day 4, Path to success! Today I’m getting to more of the meat of the course and I’m really excited to get started implementing some new things that I’m learning from the course I’m retaking Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

30 Day Challenge Traffic Strategies That Work Day 4

Introduction To The Course

This part of the course is the Introduction to the program and in this section are three videos.

Your Focus
Path to success

The first video is only a short one. I’m seeing an introduction video from Alex and Lauren. Cute couple. They talk about what to expect and some of the problems they overcame. I really like learning from these two. They have a way of teaching that’s not boring and I don’t know why but I really learn a lot from them. I guess because they are actually doing what they are teaching and that is the best way that I learn.

The second video is longer and this is about your focus strategy. Lauren is really talking about building your business through pinterest, which is great!

My “Aha Moment” Happened When I Watched This Video

This video is worth the whole course, just the one tip she gave in it. Because she has been doing this for a couple years now with two blogs that are depending on pinterest for traffic. It was eye opening tip! That was it!

I had my “Aha Moment”.

I finally knew the secret to successful blogging!

This one secret shared in this course will help you become a full time blogger. I’ve never heard anyone say it before! EVER!

4 Steps To Becoming A Successful Blogger

Alex is talking in this video, telling the steps to blogging to success. Plus a download. In this download is the exact steps they took to building both of their successful blogs and making over 10,000 a month.

It’s so awesome!

The really tell you straight what you need to do, and the way they explain it makes me feel like it’s possible to do.

I’m totally honest here with you. I’m building my business right along with you. Working for myself but selling on eBay full time. But my dream is that my blogs will make my full time income, because no matter how hard I work selling on ebay my income is going down and down. It’s very depressing and I’m at the point that I HAVE to make something happen.

And blogging is what I want to do, not raising crickets again, not selling on ebay. I want the lifestyle that I see so many people I follow on the internet. I know I can do it. I’ve done it over and over again. Each business I’ve built over the years started with nothing and I created something great! So I know I can figure it out. For one I’m very passionate about my subject I love to write and teach other people how to succeed working at home. That’s what it takes to be successful.

You’ve got to love it, with your whole heart. If you don’t you’ll get bored of it.

30 Day Challenge Traffic Day 4 Path To Success-min

I was talking to my son the other day about our cricket biz and he asked me what I did when things went wrong in our business. I had to think a minute. But we had no one we could ask. No bug expert we could go to that would tell us how to fix the problem. We just figured it out, making changes until the problem went a way or resolved itself.

I think that is the key to any successful business. Everyone has problems and speed bumps along the way. It’s our job as business owners to either go around or over those situations and fix problems as they pop up. Freaking out about it won’t help. You just have to plow through to get to the other side.

Change Your Mindset To Succeed

That’s how I’ve changed my thinking lately. My mindset used to be that I wasn’t good enough to make money blogging and I figured out that I was really going about it wrong. I would get started and then freak out about it and stop blogging and just start selling more stuff on ebay. I was afraid, and the money was really good for many years, so I wasn’t really worried. Until recently.

My mindset now is…”I WILL make money blogging!”

Well I do already, but its been the same for a year now. lol! I just wasn’t trying very hard because I really didn’t want to talk about gardening, when I looked outside and could see my garden looked like a weed patch, not a nice garden that you see in magazines. I was bored with it. But that’s OK! Time to move on, now that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on it. No way! I’ll be adding a post each month to keep it fresh and then when I’m ready I’ll work on it harder.

I will make more and more money, creating goals and making sure I meet them, until I can quit my other job. And to even get me more motivated I created a little contest for myself with a goal and reward if I hit that goal. Here’s what my goal is for next month. I want to double my blog income and make on average $40 a month. I want to make that $80. That’s my goal. And I’ve even stuck a sticky note to my calendar that says that I’ll get to eat at Red Lobster when I hit that goal.

Sweet! I can’t wait, I haven’t eaten there in so long!

Your goals need to be something that you can accomplish and I know I can do it if I set my mind to it. How about you? What would your reward be if you could make an extra 40 dollars next month with your blog and how would you go about making that money? What steps would you take? If you not sure then Take the course that has taught me the secret to a successful blogging, Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. 

Then join me as I go through the course with you in my 30 Day Challenge Traffic Strategies That Work!

Lots of love-min

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