30 Day Challenge Traffic Day 3 Tools

30 Day Challenge Traffic Strategies That Work Day 3 -Tools

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Welcome to my 30 Day Challenge Traffic Strategies That Work Day 3! Today we are going to go over the Tools section of the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course  that I bought. If you’ve just found this post then you might want to start reading here  in case you missed one.

30 Day Challenge Traffic Day 3

Tools and Downloads

I’ve logged back in and started checking out the course and the first thing that I noticed was the announcement at the top. It’s about a software product that they covered last year but has since been shut down. That’s what they are telling us, not to use it anymore. See why I love this training!

It’s totally UP TO DATE!

First thing after the announcement I see is that they have a Facebook support group that you can join. I totally forgot about that, I’ll have to go in and get notifications turned on again.

I really like as you go through the course it keeps track of where your at. When your in the dashboard it tells you how much of the course you’ve finished. I always have to pop in and out of courses because I’m doing other things. This makes it nice that I don’t have to keep notes on where I’m at.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review


I’m in the tools and downloads section of the course. There are some great checklists here for me to download. I love checklists, being a virgo, I’m totally into lists and checking things off of them. Yes!

I’ve downloaded them and now I’ll print them out and put them in my notebook. Having the checklist really helped me last time. I would get out that checklist everyday and record my stats. This really helps you see the work that your doing is making a difference. I really like the whole layout of this course, there are so many more things that have been added, that wasn’t there before. I’m going to learn even more this time around.

I see one lesson that is a says she is testing this out on pinterest now. How cool is that?! Told you it was current.

30 Day Challenge Traffic Day 3 Tools

Daily Wrap Up

So if your following along with me, then I’m going just do a little bit each day in the course so it’s not to overwhelming. Also I feel that if I rush a course then I forget half of what I’m learning and need to retake parts of it. So I don’t want to do that and you can take as long as you want to finish. I wouldn’t put it off and when you do take it, don’t let too many days go past and not work on the course. Or you’ll forget everything and have to start all over again.

That’s just a waste of time and if you don’t use what you paid for then you’ll end up buying the same topic again and again from different people. If you buy something use it right away. Don’t let it sit on your computer.

That’s it for Day 3 of my 30 Day Challenge Traffic Strategies That Work.


Stay tune for the next post for day 4.

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