Hey, Michelle Here!

Welcome to my blog! Let me tell you a little bit about myself, just in case you were wondering. I write here and a homestead blog . I also run my Content Store that sells commercial Journals that can be edited for your own business. And I sell on ebay full time…oh and take care of a bunch of critters on the farm… I’m also a published author too! That makes me happy every time I say that!

I love blogging! To me it’s like talking to my best friend. My Blogs have become a way of life for me, I’ve met so many great friends along the way. I’m assuming since you’re here reading this then you want to start your own blog too.

I can totally help you with that and teach you all the things you need to do, to make your blog your full time income, if you want it to be, with easy to understand instructions.

350x100 Start a blog with me

I know what it’s like to have no clue how to get started. Let me take your hand and show you the ropes. It doesn’t matter if your 30 years old or 80. Don’t let age dictate what you can and can’t do with your life. I’ve helped many people just like you get started with a work at home business that turned into full time income. I can help you too!

I’ve been working for myself for my whole adult life, some 40 some odd years. I started raising live crickets for the pet shop I worked for, because they were getting dead crickets in the mail.  So I was able to start a business raising bugs for pet shops, zoos, Aquariums and bait houses. That led to a multi 6 figure business that lasted over 25 years.

I’m retired from the bug business, well semi retired from it. Working as a full time blogger and seller on ebay. I decided to start this blog because so many people was asking me to show them what I was doing to make money online.

If you interested you can dip your toes in the water then take my 7-day Free e-course that will show you how to start a profitable blog of your very own.

If you have any questions please let me know. Comment below or send me a message.

Michelle 🙂